Are you ready to reignite your passion for life?

We’re Kritika and Sam - best friends, coaches, podcasters and creators of epic experiences dedicated to empowering you to create a purposeful, aligned life that feels joyful and inspiring. We’re committed to building community and connections, creating deeply transformative retreats, and encouraging conversations that elevate consciousness.

We dream of a world full of humans that believe in the power and potential of personal freedom. A world where people live in alignment with their desires and values and love themselves enough to go out and create lives that are true to themselves.

We dream of a world where we get to define what success means to us. A world where people are taught how to love themselves and treat themselves with kindness and compassion. A world where people feel and process their emotions, rather than numb them. A world where people believe in their potential to heal and grow through their struggles and pain.

We’re guessing, since you’re here, that you share a similar vision for the world.

So let’s connect and create it!


Yep. You heard us correctly -

We need YOU to help us create it.


Maybe the vision you hold for the world feels a long way off. You dream of having more freedom, purpose and passion in your life, but you have no idea how that’s possible for you. Your life is already full as it is and you’re lacking the time, energy and inspiration to figure out how to change it.

This is where we come in.

We truly hear you. We know what it’s like to live a life that doesn’t quite fit. A life that looks good on the outside, but doesn’t feel good on the inside. A life where you’re going through the motions and wondering - seriously, is this all there is?

We’ve both been there. We weren’t always joined at the hip, crying from laughter over coffee, zooming around our island home on Kritika’s scooter, deeply inspired by our work, and arguing over whether sand is a good thing or not #samlovessand #kritikacantstandit

Yep. We both used to live completely different lives.



Kritika was married and had a successful real estate career, drove a Mercedes and holidayed in exotic locations. She shared 2 beautiful dogs and an apartment in Dubai with her ex-husband. She worked out and practiced yoga everyday, she even fitness modeled at the London O2 arena! But she was deeply unfulfilled and felt like she was living in misalignment from her truth. Her career was diametrically opposed to who she had become, she had outgrown her big city lifestyle and a lot of her friendships and her marriage was suffering as a result of this disconnect. She craved more meaning, purpose and deep soul connections. She was tired of ticking the boxes and living what felt like someone else’s version of a good life. She was living with a feeling of emptiness most of the time and nothing really filled the void.



Sam’s life was also a far cry from what it is today. She was a TV producer who worked in Paris and Sydney. She spent the majority of her 8 year television career working in 24hr news, which meant fast-paced, stress-filled days with no regular sleep and a feeling of permanent jet lag - the joys of shift work. But more than the physical toll shift work took on her body, she felt the impact that working in a negative environment, constantly editing and producing stories that were full of fear and negativity had on her mindset and her sense of self. She felt herself becoming desensitised and indifferent to the problems in the world and working in an industry with values that totally contradicted her own. This was not the life she had envisioned for herself all those years ago when she’d studied film and television production at university. It sounded glamourous, but it felt exhausting and toxic.


Thankfully, it was our rock bottom moments that led us both to Phuket, the tropical island paradise that we now call home, and to co-create deeply fulfilling work. It seems unreal to us that our paths only crossed for the first time in April 2017, when Kritika was working as the Head of Wellness and Sam the in-house Life Coach at Asia’s number one health and wellness retreat, Phuket Cleanse. This was an incredible experience for both of us, as we got to work with thousands of guests who came to Phuket for a much-needed break from their busy lives. We saw first-hand the common struggles that so many women are grappling with - burnout, stress, no time or energy for themselves, unfulfilling work, emotional eating, people pleasing, overworking, not enough sleep, a lack of joy - the list goes on and on. We also saw the deeply transformative power of a retreat experience - from the seemingly small shifts that women would make to their mindset and habits, to the huge breakthroughs where women would completely overhaul their life for the better.

And it was this work that lit a spark within us and made us want to create our own retreat experiences.


We both feel like we’ve known each other for a lifetime. Our connection is a beautiful mix of seriousness and depth with light-heartedness and play. And it’s this connection that fuels SparKd and everything we create together.  

We’re not enlightened masters. We definitely don’t have all the answers. What we do have is courage and conviction. We’re two women who KNEW deep down there MUST be a better way of living and who had the guts to explore possibilities and take action in the face of uncertainty. We’ve screwed up (we still do), but now we treat ourselves with kindness whenever we make a mistake and we try to laugh through the shit that gets thrown at us - like that time Kritika was dumped and deported in the same day #truestory.


And what we’ve learnt along the way is that building a life around your core desires and values is the most fulfilling way to live.


And for us, that means a life and business based on connection, freedom, purpose, passion and joy.


So if you’re someone that also craves connection, the kind that feels meaningful and true, where you know you can take off the mask and be completely yourself, because you’re accepted and you belong, no matter what your story or where you’re from, then come and hang out with us in the SparKd Community. It’s the comparison-free, judgment-free, inspiring and supportive corner of the internet we’ve created for you. A community for women who are committed to their personal development and want to be inspired and supported to create their best lives.


And if you want to experience even deeper connections, in person, with real women on the same journey as you, we’d love you to check out our retreats. A journey away from overwhelm and busyness towards clarity and expansion. You’ll nurture your mind through inspiring workshops, coaching and personal mentoring, nourish your body through healthy food, daily yoga and beautiful beach walks and realign your spirit through meditation, journaling and deep reflection. Come relax, reflect, restore and play with us on the island where SparKd was born.  

We promise you’ll be filled with the same sense of connection, freedom, purpose, passion and joy that lights us up every day.


xoxo Kritika + Sam