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Hi, we’re Kritika and Sam - best friends, coaches, podcasters and creators of epic experiences dedicated to empowering you to create a purposeful, aligned life that feels joyful and inspiring. We’re committed to building community and connections, creating deeply transformative retreats, and encouraging conversations that elevate consciousness.

Our mission is to create a world full of self-loving humans who live in alignment with their desires and values and who have the courage to pursue their own definition of success and create a life that is true to themselves.


Join the SparKd Community

An online coaching and mentoring hub for women who are committed to their personal development and who want more balance in their life. Our online community inspires and supports you to reflect on 12 different areas of your life, so that you’re putting time and energy into your WHOLE life, not just one or two aspects whilst you neglect the rest. SparKd Community is about empowering you to be physically, mentally and emotionally healthy and giving you a supportive and judgement-free space where you can work on this consistently.


Relax, restore and reflect at our SparkD Retreats

Our retreats are transformative experiences for women who are ready to take a week out of their hectic life for a deep dive into their heart’s true desires. This is a journey away from overwhelm and busyness towards clarity and expansion. You’ll nurture your mind through inspiring workshops, coaching and personal mentoring, nourish your body through healthy food, daily yoga and beautiful beach walks and realign your spirit through meditation, journaling and deep reflection.


Get inspired by our Conscious Conversations

Listen in to our Conscious Conversations podcast if you’re looking to bring more awareness to your relationships, your health, your emotional wellbeing, and why it is you do what you do. We explore human psychology, patterns of behaviour, triggers, communication styles and everything that moves us towards living and loving more consciously.


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